IMG_9216XhemchikOften misperceived as a vast, inhospitable expanse marked by monotonous extremes, Siberia seldom draws a curious glance from even the most adventurous travelers. TravelTuva aims to change these generally negative stereotypes by introducing our clients to the extraordinary environmental and cultural diversity abundant in the Siberian Republic of Tuva. We provide logistical support for clients seeking off-the-beaten-path, nature based tourism opportunities across Tuva’s variegated landscapes, and access to personally enriching cultural exchange with Tuvans of the everyday.

Our business model is committed to the United Nations World Tourist Organization’s definition of a sustainable approach to tourism practice.  We emphasize and uphold social responsibility, environmental sanctity, and long term economic viability as guiding principals for the development of our business. Partnered with the Tuvan Ministry of Culture and Tourism, TravelTuva ensures that Tuvans fulfill the majority of leadership, management, and administrative roles within our business structure, and that a significant portion of our profits are reinvested in local communities in an effort to further expand Tuva’s burgeoning economy. In addition, our VolunTourism program seeks to attract experienced tourism professionals from around the word to collaborate with and provide training for Tuvans interested in establishing their own ventures.

TravelTuva also provides opportunities for transnational collaboration between our clients and Tuva’s leading cultural figures. We partner with the Tuvan National Orchestra and the Center for the Development of Tuvan Traditional Arts to connect our clients with Tuva’s internationally renowned musicians, artists, and academics.  TravelTuva clients frequently pursue musical instruction with Tuva’s famed throat singers, academic collaboration with Tuvan scholars, and workshops with Tuvan artists and artisans.  Our cultural exchange programs aim to provide highly enriching experiences for TravelTuva clients, while aiding in the development of international cultural recognition for Tuva and Tuvans.

To learn more about the Republic of Tuva and TravelTuva’s tourism programs, please peruse the remainder of our website, and do not hesitate to Contact Us for more information. We look forward to connecting with you.