TravelTuva clients lodge at Aldyn Bulak–an ethno-tourist center developed and managed by the Tuvan Ministry of Culture and Tourism–when visiting Tuva’s capitol, Kyzyl. Nestled in the rolling foothills west of Kyzyl, Aldyn Bulak offers guests a range of lodging options, nationally sponsored cultural programs, entertainment and spa services, and fine dining in Tuva’s leading restaurant, which serves Tuvan cuisine cultivated and raised in an onsite garden and herding camp.

Aldyn Bulak’s innovative approach to Tuvan themed hospitality immerses guests into Tuvan cultural life, meeting the standards of comfort, safety, and aesthetic appeal many international travelers have come to expect. Our clients overnight in Tuvan yurts that are outfitted with a variety of options to suit individual needs and tastes: from the shoestring backpacker to those seeking high end, luxury accommodation.

Many cultural tourism lodges receive criticism for providing luxury experiences to the rich, while excluding access to locals.  Aldyn Bulak’s innovative approach provides services for Tuvans as well as tourists by utilizing the grounds for national cultural events and religious ceremonies, a retreat for nationally recognized musicians and cultural figures, and as a symbol of national pride in Tuvan cultural heritage.


TravelTuva clients lodge at Sai-Xonash–a family run herding camp and cultural tourism destination in western Tuva–when traveling to Tuva’s regions.  TravelTuva Cultural Program Leaders–Zhenya and Anai-Hak Saryglar–own and operate Sai-Xonash with the help of their family who live full time at Sai-Xonash, producing meat and dairy products for Tuvans.

While in residence at Sai-Xonash, TravelTuva clients may take part in the day to day operations of the Sai-Xonash herding camp, explore the forests that surround Sai-Xonash on horseback, visit nearby cultural and historic sites, and enroll in a variety of Tuvan cultural workshops.Workshops introduce travelers to Tuvan methods of cheese production, sheep butchery, horseback riding, archery, and Tuvan wrestling.  Sai-Xonash owner, Zhenya Saryglar, is also a renowned Tuvan throat singer and offers Tuvan throat singing and instrumentation lessons.  Anai-Hak Saryglar, an academically trained linguist and translator, offers Tuvan language classes to interested guests.

As an operating herding camp with enriched cultural programming, Sai-Xonash offers TravelTuva clients a fully immersive Tuvan experience.  TravelTuva is proud to partner with Sai-Xonash and confidently recommends TravelTuva clients include a stay at Sai-Xonash in their itinerary.

Please peruse the gallery below for a photographic tour of Aldyn Bulak and Sai-Xonash.  The photo captions provide descriptions of available amenities and facilities. For even more information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.