Take to the HillsTravelTuva currently offers tourism services only in the form of custom tour packages.  Custom tours allow TravelTuva clients to choose from a range of Adventure and Cultural Tour options and travel dates to best suit their needs. In addition, we offer travelers the ability to find traveling companions by listing established tours below. To book your own custom tour, or to join any of the available tours listed below, please Contact Us to arrange your TravelTuva itinerary.

2016 Tour Season Itineraries

Treasures of Tuva TourJuly 4th-18th, 2016; $2918.75 per person

The Treasures of Tuva tour will primarily take place at Sai-Xonash yurt camp, which serves as a cultural tourism destination and functioning Tuvan herding operation. It is located in an area of Tuva named Ak, which is known for the extreme natural beauty of its surrounding mountains, boreal forests, and fresh water springs. While in residence at Sai-Xonash, you will lodge in Tuvan style yurts and will meet many of the herdsmen who call Sai Xonash home. In addition, several of Tuva’s most revered throat-singers will provide you throat singing lessons while introducing you to the relationship between throat singing and the remarkable natural environment that gave birth to this subtle and beautiful vocal art. Travelers will also participate in a four day horseback ride from Sai Xonash to nearby alpine yak herding pastures.  During this excursion, travelers will become familiar with Tuva’s yak herding economy and visit one of the regions most cherished natural resources, the Khoolash waterfall.

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NOTE: This tour is designed to accommodate a group of 6-14 travelers.  Per the date of this posting (12/7/2015), two travelers have confirmed.  We still seek a minimum of four travelers to establish this tour.  Keep in mind, groups of 8 or more travelers receive a 5% discount.