Professional Throat Singing Ensembles








The Alash Ensemble: Formed in 2004 by three of Tuva’s up and coming throat singing masters, the Alash Ensemble brings new and innovative approaches to throat singing melodies and rhythms.  Blending jazz, rock, and folk sounds with Tuva’s unique musical approach, Alash continually overwhelms audiences with their powerful, original songs. Ayan-ool Sam, Bady Dorzhu Ondar, and Ayan Shirzhik–Alash’s members–are all recognized and award wining throat singers, and recognized artists of the Russian Federation.  Alash performs in music venues worldwide during their annual tours, most recently received for a gala concert at Carnegie Hall. For more information, please visit Alash’s website at the following address:









Tyva Kyzy: Formed in 1998, Tyva Kyzy is an all female, Tuvan throat singing ensemble under the artistic direction of famed Tuvan musician, Chodura Tumat. The group performs at festivals and music venues in Europe, Japan, and North America to international audiences.  Tyva Kyzy’s music features unique arrangements of Tuvan pastoral songs and throat singing suited to the typically higher ranges of female vocalists.  Tyva Kyzy is considered one of Tuva’s most promenient throat singing ensembles, and its members are recognized artists of Tuva and the Russian Federation.  For more information, please visit the group’s website:









The Tuvan National Orchestra: The Tuvan National Orchestra was founded in 2003, and has since attracted Tuva’s greatest musical talents to produce a professional orchestra that displays Tuva’s unique approach to musical production.  Tuva’s leading throat singers and instrumentalists comprise the orchestra and draw on Tuva’s rich and kaleidoscopic legacy for musical inspiration.  Soviet era melodies and lyrics meet pastoral songs and throat singing technique to form an orchestra without parallel.  For all of its unique character, the Tuvan National Orchestra maintains a world class standard of musicality and a deeply enthralling repertoire. For more information, please visit the Orchestra’s website:


Academic Institutions





The University of Texas Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies:  The region of the world comprising Russia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe covers over over one-sixth of the globe and includes countries, which differ enormously in language, ethnicity, religion, culture, political history and economic development. Since the mid-1980s, the process of reform, collapse and reconstruction in the region has led to a heightened interest in the area and the need for serious and scholarly understanding of the region.  In addition to its world class course offerings and educational programs, CREEES collaborates annually with Tuvan musicians, cultural experts, and TravelTuva to facilitate such understanding.  For more information, please visit the CREEES website: