The TravelTuva Guestbook allows former TravelTuva clients venue to voice reports from their travels.  As TravelTuva builds a network of clients, the guestbook will serve as a marker of the TravelTuva Project’s success and a network for those who share in the TravelTuva experience. We appreciate any and all feedback from TravelTuva clients as we continue to develop our business and hope that the reports below inspire new guests to visit Tuva.


“Tuva is a remarkable place that is protected by a long trip that keeps away most tourists.  It is well worth the journey. Kyzyl is a fascinating city surrounded by a tremendous land.  The scythian art exhibition at the museum is remarkable and fascinating echo of life in the steppe.  If you go to Tuva it is imperative that you experience life in a yurt under the stars. Sitting around a fire, watching sparks drift up into the sky while I’m surrounded by horses and yaks is an experience I’ll never forget.”

–Craig Campbell; Austin, TX; June 2013


“Seeing Tuva first hand leaves a person inspired by the people and nature that not only exist but thrive in one of the world’s most beautiful and extraordinary landscapes.”

–Nick Stamper; Austin, TX; June 2013


“Tuva has everything to cure the ills of a yearning soul. Cloud-dotted mountain peaks roll into black forests and sweeping prairies. If Montana is “big sky” country, Tuva must be “bigger sky” country. The diverse adventures I experienced in Tuva are those of a lifetime. Music festivals, local city excursions, and most of all staying in a working yurt camp and riding horses every day … what can I say, I cried when I left. I would go back in a heartbeat.”
–Alexis Schrubbe; Austin, TX; June 2013


“My friends and I spent 3 weeks traveling in Tuva with people’s throat-singer Evgeny Saryglar & his amazing wife Ana-Haak…Zhenya & Ana-Haak took such good care of us– from arranging our meals (we had several vegetarians in our group) to giving us lessons in Tuvan language, culture, and throat singing. We visited sacred springs, valleys, and nomad camps, rode horses and explored amazing landscapes. Now I am dreaming of coming back and spending more time with my new & old Tuvan friends, exploring the beautiful land, and of course SINGING!”

–Scott Peterson; Toronto, ON; July-August 2014


“The trip of a lifetime, or at least a most wonderful journey. With the help of Eliot  Stone and TravelTuva, I spent a month in  Tuva. Eliot helped with all pre-travel arrangements, visas and all necessary paperwork. Once in Tuva, I was  in the hands of Zhenya and Anai Khaak Saryglar and you cannot ask for better travel guides or more enjoyable people to be with! For three weeks, on a throat singing tour of Tuva, we crisscrossed Western Tuva, visited salt lakes, Scythian excavations, sacred springs and spent all too short of a week in a nomad camp in Bai Taiga. Well fed, very entertained, with singing lessons every day and such good company, I spent a month in a very unique and beautiful country on a trip that I will never forget!”

–Christian Burchard; Ashland, OR; July-August 2014