The Republic of Tuva offers visitors vast opportunities for outdoor exploration, hunting and fishing, recreation, and adventure. Outdoor explorers interested in birding and wildlife observation will discover a wide array of species throughout Tuva’s varied environments.  In Mongun Taiga–Tuva’s southwestern most region–Golden Eagles nest along the rocky ledges of precipitous cliffs, while the Snow Leopard and Pallas’s Cat stalk prey through snowy crevices below.  The Tuffed Duck, Red Breasted Goose, and the Siberian White Crane nest in the plains and along the banks of fresh water lakes in Tuva’s south central region, Erzin. In the forests of Tozhu, Tuva’s eastern most region, wildlife observers may pursue the tell tale call of the Cuckoo Bird and encounter the graceful and imposing stature of a Bull Elk.

The Tuvan Forest and Parks Service welcome hunters to partake in hunting excursions, which play an integral role in Tuva’s game and wildlife management plan.  Hunters seeking opportunities to harvest Elk, Moose, Reindeer, Siberian Roe Deer, Brown Bear, and Wild Boar will be granted licenses and provided with expert guides.  Tuvan hunting expeditions are carried out on horseback, with domesticated reindeer, or utilizing ATVs and Russian SUVs. Many hunts require several days of trekking through old growth forest and demand significant endurance, strength, and stealth from visiting hunters. Tuvan hunts offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for hunters who want more than just a trophy from their hunting experience.

Fishermen will find incredible angling opportunities throughout Tuva. Tuva’s 900 rivers and freshwater lakes are home to a wide variety of game fish, including several species of trout, Siberian grayling, salmon, and pike. The world’s fifth longest river, the Yenesei, finds its headwaters in Tuva’s capital and flows north to the arctic circle; the river’s broad current is home to the world’s largest fresh water salmonid, the Taimen. Though the Taimen is protected in Tuva, fishermen will occasionally observe the 200 lbs plus Taimen as it schools along the river’s course.

Hiking and camping opportunities abound in Tuva’s national parks and preserve lands, while Tuva’s most mountainous regions provide challenging ascents. Tuva’s leading mountaineers established routes leading to Tuva’s highest peaks, which count amongst the highest in the region.

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